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Supplier and partner to Iceland’s aviation services for more than 25 years.

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SAXA started out by supplying duty-free outlets at the national airport terminal in Keflavik, dealing mostly in tobacco in the early years. Nowadays our product range and services have changed beyond recognition and we are proud to support numerous airlines with their on-board offerings. Not just Icelandic companies, but also international aviation businesses such as American Airlines and Air Canada.

Around 15 years ago, SAXA became involved with Iceland Express and the pioneering work with its on-board media and website. In addition to providing great in-flight service, we developed a hugely successful publication that acted as a free tourist guide.

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The attractive new magazine format with its wide-ranging advertorials offered friendly insights into where to stay and eat out during a visit to Iceland, plus fantastic ideas for shopping, attractions and sightseeing.

Partnerships followed with Wow, Primera Air, Icelandair, Air Iceland Connect and Greenland Express amongst others. Honoured to be invited to support the Swedish airline “Fly ME” for a period, SAXA was also responsible for “Let’s GO” media for several years, a partnership with the travel agency GrayLine Iceland.

Sustainable success

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Home for us is Iceland

A beautiful country but with only a small population, so

diversification has always been key to our success. Over the years SAXA has widened its

portfolio and today we are licence holders for a number of beauty brands and exclusive

suppliers of olives, herring and even blankets in Iceland.

Unique variety

Among our imports is the outstanding Danish confectionary “Simply Chocolate”, along

with UK-produced “French Chocolates” and the renowned Swedish “LantChips”. These

goodies and our Nissin Noodles have become very popular on-board snacks for the

aircraft we supply.

Our partners

Happy to be of service

We are always on the alert for new markets, products and partners. Our knowledge and experience in our field, coupled with the ability to respond swiftly to new opportunities, gives us a competitive edge. Please get in touch to find out more.



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